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White Wine Tasting Tray

In addition to being our resident cheese monger, James is also an avid home-brewer of beer and ale.  Naturally, the two have come together for this collection.

First, we'd like to share some of what he has learned in his travels abroad; Heavier ales and stouts can taste better when served at room temperature. Many of these, when served chilled, can taste harsh and overly alcoholic. At room temperature, the subtle flavors can be determined and enjoyed with these cheeses:

Aged Cheddar (great with a nice full ale); Washed- rind cheeses (stinky but ideal for something like a Belgian Abbey); Gruyere (goes with almost any alcoholic beverage) and Goat's Leap or Andante Dairy (great for Hefeweisen or Pilsner).

  • Small      ~ $ 89.00
  • Medium  ~ $ 125.00
  • Large      ~$160.00
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Serving sizes for trays

James TrayOur standard serving recommendation for our trays is as below:

Small      ~ 6 to 10 people
Medium  ~ 12 to 18 people
Large     ~ 18 to 24 people

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