Sunshine Foods Market

1115 Main St  St Helena, CA  94574

Open 7:30am to 8:30pm  - 7 days per week 

White Wine Tasting Tray

Here, we are looking at the lighter side of things. This tray is a selection of cheeses aimed at French Style Chardonnay,Old World, and New World Sauvignon Blancs.

There are many other white wines that this tray will pair beautifully with, so please let us know if you have a different sort of tasting scheduled and we can easily mix and match accordingly.

We select the best triple-cream brie in stock, a balanced creamy goat, Fiscalini's bandaged cheddar, and Comte are among our favorites for pairing with white wines.

  • Small      ~ $ 89.00
  • Medium  ~ $125.00
  • Large      ~ $160.00
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Serving sizes for trays

James TrayOur standard serving recommendation for our trays is as below:

Small      ~ 6 to 10 people
Medium  ~ 12 to 18 people
Large     ~ 18 to 24 people

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