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Cabernet Tray

Cabernet....mmmmmm......Sorry!  having a moment there...sooo good, and even better with cheese. There is definitely plenty of this big boy in our valley, so of course, it gets its own tray.

Balancing the right cheese with the tannins in Cabernet is one of the things we strive to get right. Tannins are the chemical compound found in grape skins and seeds and help give wine that astringent feeling in your mouth. This touch of bitterness helps the milk fats in cheese show their impact during wine pairings.

The Cabernet Cheese Tray has a selection of, but not limited to, the following cheeses: Bleu d'Auvergne or St. Agur, Vella Dry Jack, Piave, Grana Padano, Petite Agour, Ross, Mahon, Cabot Cloth-bound Cheddar.

  • Small      ~ $ 89.00
  • Medium  ~ $ 125.00
  • Large      ~ $160.00
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Serving sizes for trays

James TrayOur standard serving recommendation for our trays is as below:

Small      ~ 6 to 10 people
Medium  ~ 12 to 18 people
Large     ~ 18 to 24 people

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