Sunshine Foods Market

1115 Main St  St Helena, CA  94574

Open 7:30am to 8:30pm  - 7 days per week 

Olive Bar

We have been fortunate to have found a local product with a number of items in their selection that are nitrite-free. Based out of Petaluma, George and his crew have spent a great deal of time and energy to bring us the very best available on the market. Every item has a wonderful story behind it as to it's origins as well as the process to get to the finished product. Please come visit us at the deli counter for a sample to decide for yourself why Local Napa County items are the best anywhere.


greek salad



New Sandwich Specialssandwich

Neil and Butch have been having all sorts of fun coming up with newly designed sandwich specials. We are still making all of the standard specials we have now, we are just adding more of them. Keep coming back to the site and see the updated calendars, or better yet, give us your email address and we'll let you know when we change things up.

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Serving Guidelines

Fruit SaladOur standard serving size recommendation is 1/2 pound per person.  If multiple dishes are needed the quantity per person should be adjusted to:
2 items - 1/4 pound per item, per person
3 items - 1/3 pound per item per person
4 or more 1/8 pound per item per person

Serving sizes for trays

James TrayOur standard serving recommendation for our trays is as below:

Small      ~ 6 to 10 people
Medium  ~ 12 to 18 people
Large     ~ 18 to 24 people

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