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Tomatoes are certainly one of the most popular year-round produce items on the market . One of the keys to success with tomatoes is to understand the best methods for handling, storing, and displaying this popular food.  Here are a few tips and suggestions for taking the best care with this very delicate fruit.
Storage:  By far the most important aspect in storage is temperature.  Never store your tomatoes below 55° Fahrenheit. Storing tomatoes at anything below 55° will typically result in disaster.  A tomato produces a flavor enzyme as it ripens; as soon as the body temperature goes below 55° the enzyme stops producing any more flavor permanently.  Even worse, the longer you keep your tomato in the cold, the flavor that has already developed will degrade until it is brought up to a reasonable temperature.  Additionally, when you store a tomato at a cold temperature, you run the risk of having the water inside the tomato expand, a situation that causes individual cells within the tomato to burst.  This leaves you with a tomato that may look fine to the naked eye, but will taste mealy when you bite into it.

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