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1115 Main St  St Helena, CA  94574

Open 7:30am to 8:30pm  - 7 days per week 

Fresh Seafood

At Sunshine Foods we know how important freshness and quality are to you. You depend upon the finest of ingredients for your recipes and our wholesome approach to procurement for your peace of mind. Nowhere do we do that better than in our Seafood Department. Starting off the career of Gena Allen (our Culinary Director), seafood became not just a job but a passion for her. Sustainability, quality, selection and freshness tied in with the ecological aspect of consuming seafood is what the department is built on. We tirelessly search for the best seafood available anywhere in our area and beyond. Our dedication and experience has continued to make our seafood department evolve to meet the ever changing needs of our times.

Our commitment to providing the freshest products and best selection available to you, has prompted us to develop wonderful relationships with our fish companies and fishermen over the past 15 years. Fresh fish is delivered to us up to 5 times per day, 7 days per week from local companies as well as flown in direct from the docks in Hawaii. Fresh Caviar, Royal Blue Prawns, the legally caught from well populated waters Chilean Sea Bass, Farm Raised Rainbow and Golden Trout, Catfish, Wild caught Salmon as well as Sustainable Farmed, Indigenous King Salmon from British Columbia and New Zealand, Sushi Graded Ahi and IceTabs ModuleAlbacore, Hawaiian Swordfish and Day boat Scallops only break the surface of what we offer. Hard to find ingredients are what we specialize in. Glass Eel, Octopus, Fresh Nori and even the ever popular Sea Urchin Roe gives some idea of the items that we have available upon request. Looking for a quick delicious way to get more Omegas into your diet, then take a look at our numerous seafood entrees marinated daily for your convenience. Hot Smoked Salmon and Fresh Gravolox are now a house made product in Lemon Dill, Rum and Orange flavor profiles cured and smoked in house.


About Claresse

People around the world love to eat fish. Not only in the Netherlands, where the total fish consumption increases with 7 percent annually. Claresse offers a sustainable answer to this growing global demand. Claresse is a freshwater fish that originates from a natural crossing between two fish sorts from the European catfish family.

And so it is an excellent sustainable replacement for overfished whitefish sorts. Claresse is cultivated in the Netherlands. Anova, responsible for Claresse, is the last link in the chain of partners from the whole cultivated fish process that goes from the fish feed to the final fresh-food markets.

Because the newest techniques are used, Anova is able with Claresse to produce the most sustainable fish of the Netherlands.


The fish are cultivated in covered ponds with a worldwide unique recycling system, wasting very little water and energy, thereby taxing the environment is to a minimum. Furthermore, a lot of heed is paid to the welfare of the fish.

They swim in water of the highest quality, have enough food and are not restricted in their natural behaviour because of the animal friendly basins. They are therefore free of stress.

Food conversion is very low: even less than 1:1. There is no question of using hormones or GMO feed (feed that has been enriched by genetically modified organisms). The farms are family owned companies, who work closely together with specialists, thereby guaranteeing the best quality.

  1. unique recycling system with a minimal environmental impact
  2. a lot of care for the welfare of the fish
  3. no use of hormones or GMO feed
  4. 24-hours supervision by specialists


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