Sunshine Foods Market

1115 Main St  St Helena, CA  94574

Open 7:30am to 8:30pm  - 7 days per week 

Since 1996, Gena Allen  and her qualified staff, the Sunshine Foods Meat Department brings premium quality meats, ultimate freshness and a variety of products to the valley that our celebrity chefs and locals have come to depend upon. With every mouth watering bite you can be comfortable knowing that our meats are selected with your satisfaction in mind. Natural and sustainable from family farms that truly put quality and the environment as the bases for success.

We offer a large array of USDA Prime grade beef which will be rich in flavor and delightfully tender every time. From the wonderful ranches of Country Natural Beef we bring you a full selection of natural beef raised in an environmentally sustainable fashion with a husbandry that is second to none, providing the best in quality and tenderness, as well as exceptional conventional beef and the ability to order Kobe and dry aged beef make Sunshine Foods your best choice for whatever your recipe may call for.

Pork comes to us from the folks at Vande Rose Farms who have a family member at every level of the processing to provide you with the highest quality of pork in the country.  We also carry Snake River Farms Purebred Berkshire Kurabuta pork products that are the "prime" of pork.  Range fed New Zealand Lamb and domestic Colorado Lamb tie in with milk fed veal from Wisconsin.

Our Entree Program is something we are very proud of.  We do it the old fashioned way using time instead of machinery (which infuses water and flavors) to marinade our products.  Some of our marinades include Sunshine's Plum Rosemary, Ginger Hoisin, Sesame, Orange Garlic and a Mediterranean style to name a few.  Our marinades are made in house with the freshest ingredients available with the exception of a few bottled products like our local Sioux-z-wow that just can't be ignored as one of the most versatile marinades produced.

Duck from Liberty Farms in Sonoma, and chicken from the well known Rocky Chicken in Petaluma top off our poultry selection. Sausage is hand cut, using all natural ingredients from Caggiano Sausage Company in Petaluma as well as a few housemade bulk sausages just for fun.

Knowing how your products are raised and fed and even further processed is so important in this day and age. Our long standing relationships with our farmers/ranchers is something we are very proud of and ensures our products are the very best available anywhere with a selection that brings in people from the entire bay area and beyond.

All of our ground meats are done in house using only solid muscle meat, so you never have to worry about quality or freshness. We have always been of the belief that the quality of your ground meats speaks of the quality of the department itself, so our ground meats are simply the best anywhere!


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