Sunshine Foods Market

1115 Main St  St Helena, CA  94574

Open 7:30am to 8:30pm  - 7 days per week 

In January 1975 the Smith family opened Sunshine Foods.  It was a small operation run mainly by family consisting of Dale and Lillian, Jay and Mary, Jan, and Mike Smith.  Jay and Mary had one son Matt and another on the way, Mark. Dale and Jay ran most of the daily operations and Mike would come after school to help and learn the business.  Mary ran the front end and helped with the bookwork.  Lillian and Jan would fill in the gaps and eventually ran the photo shop once located in the parking lot.  The store ran like that for many years with the addition of some more employees, 12 total that grew into 19, and the Presley's who ran the meat market. Both of Jay and Mary's sons would eventually join up and work in the store in the late 80's early 90's.

       Around the mid-1990's the family could see that the grocery industry was changing and they needed to change with it.  With that realization they hired our now Culinary Director, Gena Allen, and our Produce Manager, Connie Gerhing.  A massive remodel ensued which changed the face of Sunshine Foods into what you see today.  More people were hired to expand the departments and services offered till the number of employees swelled to 100.  Ever expanding, a kitchen was added, the deli expanded, and as anyone who has come through over the years can see, we continue to grow and change. Dale has retired and Mike and Jay took over and Matt and Mark have worked their way up to help run the business.

     Many things have changed over the years, but one has not.  Sunshine Foods is still a family owned and operated business.  Many people have been added to that family because the Smith's may have started it, but the family we all created over the years is the one that now runs it. 

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