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Why don't you carry this? It's the best one!

Attempting to share the joys of the proverbial Sunshine Table with as many of you as possible!

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Patty Bila

Patty Bila

It's in my blood!  My granny, mother, sister, 5 cousins, 2 husbands,  just kidding. have all been grocers.  I have been fortunate enough to go thru the ranks as  bagger, excuse me.. "Courtesy Clerk" to the grand title of "New Products and Concepts.


We hope everyone had an amazing Mother's Day.  Wow, what a spectacular weekend it was.  We were just pulling out of a little cold snap here and into some beautiful mild weather.  Perfect for Mother's Day / Bottle Rock Napa Valley/ Wine Country Get Aways!  

 It was hopping here at Sunshine.  You could feel the buzz in the air.  As always we have our best foot forward  and can't wait to help you find the next incredible whatever food or beverage you may be looking for.  We work hard all year long tasting new items, going to food shows, working with vendors to bring the latest greatest thing to you.  This is our time to shine and we love it!
The wine and cheese department have been especially focused this year with a program that has been developed for wine makers to meet with us to discover the perfect cheeses for each of their wines.  This is a win win win.  Now they know, we know and for the third win?  You know!  What a phenomenal response this program has received.  If you know you are coming for a visit or would like us to ship a Sunshine Wine & Cheese Experience to your front door, we are happy to assist.


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Well 2 weeks new anyway.  I am so happy about these new crisps!  One of the top sellers in our specialty cracker section is the Raincoast Crisp line. Yes, they are delicious, but they come all the way from Canada.  That being said, I was thrilled when Peter brought the sample of the crisps in. Peter is the maker of these fine crisps.  He has been selling us his traditional fresh crackers for a few years now.
Fresh Fresh Fresh! Strangely enough, there aren't that many specialty brands of crackers made right here in California.  We were definitely in the market for these. He sends samples with every box and we have given them to the "Department of Cheese" to pair the flavors accordingly.
Love the package!  It screams picnic, backyard dining party and I need to have something in the car to nibble on between wineries.  We will have them on end display all this month if you are coming in, or I just put them on our website in the Marketplace.  You can purchase them there.
The flavors... Carmelized Onion, Cranberry Hazelnut, Carrot Ginger, and Rosemary Thyme.
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Here we are again, bringing you our most delicious treats discovered at the food show.  
You have got to try these!! We had a tasting party in the back of the store and it has been decided
that these are delicious!  They are what they say... Brownie Brittles by Sheila G.
We have 3 flavors - Chocolate Chip, Toffee Crunch and Salted Caramel.  They are a little thicker than a wafer and man are they full of flavor!  They are stupid good with ice cream or right out of the bag.
If you are like me, you're always looking for something new and tasty to share at your next gathering that
won't break the piggy bank.  Look no further, these will definitely do the trick.


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Our Sunshine Family is an ever evolving, yet certainly long lasting, relationship between all who are lucky enough to call Sunshine Foods their home away from home. You know what I'm talking about... That other place in your life where you happily spend most of your time.
I have been with Sunshine now for just about 14 years and worked with most of the department heads for even longer, Connie our Produce Dept. Manager 27 Years, Gena our Culinary Director who is responsible for our Meat Dept. since we took it over in 1997. 27 Years, James, 19 Years, Jean Leonesio 16 Years.  And now, since coming to work at Sunshine, Mark & Matt Smith.
I can't believe how much everyone has changed, yet stayed the same, myself included.  So... I would like to give you some insight into who the people of Sunshine really are and what they mean to our small, yet culinary advanced, town of  St. Helena.
I could fill pages extolling the accomplishments, expertise and statistic's regarding these true experts. That, however, would be boorringg. Sooo, I will try to give you my own thoughts and perspective on what makes each one of them special.
I want to start with Connie Gehring -
I have worked with Connie since 1988.  Every day I see her, we greet the same way.  We call each other a non flattering name.  It's always fun when she gets a new hire and has to explain how they will never be able to call her that name.  It's my special term of endearment for her.  I will tell you if you ask me, but I'm not going to write it down. LOL  :)-
Connie runs the Produce Department at Sunshine and she has been here about 16 years. She loves working with local growers whenever possible. Her staff all know exactly what is expected of them and everyone of them is empowered, by Connie, to help their customers to the very best of their knowledge and abilities.
Getting to a "Yes" answer for our customer, many times, requires 3 or 4 phone calls between growers or distributors. Make no mistake, if it is available and high enough quality, she will get it for you. She doesn't even have to carry it in her department, if you ask she will bring it in.  She will order it specifically for you!
Through the years she has forged amazing relationships with the local chef folk as well as her incredible resources for fresh, quality products.  Sometimes that's exactly the edge you need to get that almost "unreachable" product. I will have to talk a lot more about Connie in future blogs.
Oh, I almost forgot... James Ayers, our Top Curd Nerd (human repository of all knowledge regarding CHEESE) is Connie's brother-in-law.  I will think of one of my fun James stories to share with you in a future post.  
I didn't know that writing this was going to make me so sentimental. ( sniff, sniff ) 


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If you are driving north up Highway 29, just south of Sunshine Foods you will find Velo Vino. Velo Vino is the tasting room for Clif Family Wines.
Yes, the same Clif Family that make all those extremely popular energy bars.  They also happen to make some pretty delicious wines!
I think when one is passionate about making terrific products, there is no stopping.  These folks continually move forward in the arena of incredible edibles.  
At the beginning of this week, we received our first shipment of Meyer lemon marmalade and apple butter.   The marmalade is full of yummy shredded peel which is NOT bitter if you aren't a fan of traditional marmalade.  Gotta love the Meyer Lemon!  I can not wait to try this as a glaze for chicken. As we were tasting the apple butter in the back room, eyes were popping open and the happy faces were in no short supply.  This is just like one you would make at home.  All from their family farms which are mostly organic or in the process of becoming so (paper work).  This is so new that the labels are still being hand stamped and adhered by hand. 
FYI - We have carried for years now, their top notch fruit & nut snacks.  Again, the best quality and a very lovely addition for any Napa Valley picnic.  
Chow for Now (get it?) hahaha  



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 We are on day 3 at the Fancy Food Show in January.  Really... by day 3 my antacids are in my back pocket,  my eyes are glazing over and we are all trying very hard to make the best use of our time in San Francisco for our last hurrah.  Rounding the end of yet another aisle in the North Hall is a very picturesque booth again, more chocolate. SOOO MUCH CHOCOLATE AT THE SHOW!  I make myself stop and look to see what might be different with this chocolate.  What do I see?  The dreamiest little what looks like meringues.  Beautiful package and all, so picking up the package, what do you know.. they're marshmallows.  The prettiest little marshmallows I've ever seen.  Yes, I've seen homemade marshmallows.  They are usually square cubed looking and also lovely.  These just set themselves apart from the rest. Hand made Tahitian Vanilla Marshmallows.  Sucre' also produces a delicious line of drinking chocolate that we are excited to bring in.  Yes... more chocolate to pair perfectly with these new dreamy little treats Sucre Marshmallows


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